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Black Electric Toothbrush 40000

The black 40000 electric toothbrush is the perfect way to keep your toothbrush in good condition and sounds of a new technology. The toothbrush has 40000 oscillations which make it smart enough to timer to 40000 hours. The 2 min 3 heads on the toothbrush make it easy to use, and the timer will keep track of how many times the toothbrush has been used.

Discount Black Electric Toothbrush 40000 Price

The black 40000 electric toothbrush is perfect for when you need a quick clean. The deep clean technology helps keep your teeth and gums healthy, and the soft head makes it easy to get everything you need without effort. The black deep clean design isrikes a poses well with any color toothbrush stand.
this is a great toothbrush that comes with a 5-year warranty. It has a sonic system that can clean your teeth in under a minute. It also has a three-position cleaning head and a l-shaped brush head. The toothbrush is able to clean all of your teeth and gum food. It has a carrying case and a 5-year warranty.
this is a must-have toothbrush for those with hard to care for teeth. The den sonic electric toothbrush will brush against your teeth, expulsing plaque and bacteria for a lasted amount of time. Additionally, the soft dudprinted brush heads will prevent your teeth from becoming electromyed during use.